Monday, February 1, 2010

Save our Tigers. Join the initiative, save our national pride

I am back after sometime and this time with a request to save our tigers. Please join and show your support for our tigers.

The figures are alarming. We have only 1,411 tigers left. Only our real love and true concern towards tigers and their conservation can help sustain this need and our efforts to save the tigers. Tigers are at risk not out of poaching alone; habitat loss is another reason. So be a responsible tourist when you go out to the wild do not pollute it with plastics. Stop using products made out of timber and paper as they help conserve the tiger habitats. When you save the tigers you save the balance in the ecosystem; you save forests, the water catchment areas.

Remember, if there are no tigers, there is no forests. No forests is no water catchment areas. And NO water for you and me.

More than everything else, it is important to love tigers not because they are beautiful but because we need them and they need us.

Join the roar. Visit