Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally, animals might get what they richly deserve!

Of late, there has been an increasing awareness (in some parts of India) on the issue of animal welfare, their rights and protection. However, the degree of awareness and its full implementation is still far, far below the standards set and practiced in other countries around the globe. But animal lovers in India are happy that at least the country's policy makers have finally taken the initiative to find the right direction and enacting laws for animal protection.

Consider this: A recent announcement by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (Draft Pet Shop Rules 2010) had proposed strict regulations for owners of domestic pets. To begin with, if you have a pet at home you must register their birth and death besides providing a certificate for the cause of death from a certified veterinarian.

For people involved in the sale of pets, the Ministry has laid down rules on the upkeep of the animals that are intended for sale. The owners of the pet shop should keep the animals in enviable living conditions including providing them with air conditioning, proper room temperature, fire fighting equipments, proper hygiene conditions etc. The pet shop owners will be legally penalized for cruelty to animals if any of these stipulations are not strictly met!

And if you are a buyer of a pedigree dog or other such animals, the seller will screen you on your ability and potential to properly take care of the animal, which includes your willingness and efforts to train the pet, socialize and addressing health concerns of the pet.

Now this draft might be approved in its present form and could become a law, but the real difficulty lies in its strict implementation. Let us hope that common sense prevails and this much-awaited law is finally passed and fully implemented. After all, animals richly deserve this.

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