Monday, December 14, 2009

How you can help your planet!

Whatever decision the countries at the World Climate Meet in Copenhagen decides to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and arrest global warming it would finally depend on how individuals across societies implement it. Remember, if you and I could do something towards reducing global warming, it could go a long way in saving our planet for our future generations and for our animal friends! Animals are an integral part of the ecosystem and it is practically not affordable for us survive without them! So here's a checklist of what you can do to help save this planet. There are many zones where you could implement these practices but let's start with what you could do at your office to reduce global warming. After all, office is where we spend most of the time in a day!!

1. Being online 24x7 is fun but it is more important to stay alive! Turn off your computer, broadband modem, scanner, printer, computer monitor and speakers when you are not using them. Make sure your computer is turned off at night.

2. Screensavers do not save energy; Save power by enabling the power management function on your computer.

3. You can use a large power strip for your computer, broadband modem, scanner, printer, monitor and speakers. This way you can cut 200kwh per year.

4. Insist on using green energy.

5. Laptops are better than desktops for environment as laptops consumes five time less electricity. If you don't want to do away with your desktop try to get get an LCD screen instead of the CRT screen.

6. Do not throw away your old computer. You can recycle office equipment by donating old computers to organizations and institutions such as schools.

7. Cut on unnecessary travel. It is good for your pocket and to the environment. Make most use of phone, e-mail or video conferencing.

8. Organize awareness programs on climate control. The key should be on individual contribution to reduce global warming.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

World Climate Meet: Animals that might face extinction

So the World Climate Meet is on at Copenhagen from today. It is the rich countries vs the developing countries. Who should cut more green house gas emissions? Well, the meet is exactly to find that out but there are too many issues to be sorted out! If a deal happens it is good for the world but if the deadlock continues then both we the humans and our animal friends will continue to be forced to become extinct! I am not exaggerating anything here, this is the plain truth!

Already many animal species have faced extinction due to man-made climatic changes! Today you cannot see the famous golden toad and the harlequin frog in Costa Rica. They are extinct, courtesy global warming which obviously didn't happen on its own, we, the humans brought in on!! Global warming due to green house gas emissions continue to negatively impact the ecosystems around the world and the most directly affected by this is the coral reefs!

The cute polar bears in the Hudson Bay in Canada is losing weight, says the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) because of the ice is breaking faster there, two weeks ahead and this means polar bears will not have anything to hunt during these two weeks and they starve! Fish stocks in many zones across the world's oceans are fast moving up north because of global warming!

Rapid changes in seasonal temperatures will not only mean more trouble for us like impact on farm growing season, but for animals too! Shorter winters would mean the birds' feeding system is affected!

Please visit this link to find out what and how you can do to help arrest global warming!