Thursday, July 15, 2010

Snowball (TM), the dancing diva

I saw this amazing video on "Most outrageous Talented Pets' on Animal Planet. Snowball (TM) is a medium sulphur crested cockatoo residing at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc., in northwest Indiana. Snowball's specialty is that it can dance to the different music played. And the fun part is Snowball can match dance steps to the changing tempo.

I enjoyed the video and Snowball's dance moves but I personally do not endorse this practice that pet animals should be 'trained' to do this or that. Pet animals should be shown love and respect and you may give training to them but ensure that they enjoy it. Please do not force them to doing things that they don't like. I mean some things in life is best enjoyable only when they are left as they are. Being natural has its own beauty!