Monday, March 1, 2010

Some basic tips for your cats’ health

Cats are instinctively big self-groomers! After a meal you can notice cats comfortably sitting down to lick their paws, and gently clean their faces, and their entire body. Cats often devote more time to clean themselves by licking and because of this they inadvertently swallow the hair caught in their paws. These fur balls when swallowed could upset their tummy and they could end up vomiting. To avoid this you could gently brush your cat’s coat I mean the fur a few times every day. Initially your cat might not like it but as time goes by your cat will get used to it! Brushing your cat can also help him/her stay hydrated and subsequently avoid bladder infections.

Avoid giving some human foods to cats. It might be toxic for them and moreover it could turn fatal if they develop more liking for human food than theirs which could ultimately make them lose the essential nutrients found in cat foods. For example, onions, chocolates and garlic can kill red blood cells in cats and cause anemia. Similarly, grapes, green tomatoes, raisins should be avoided.

(to be continued…)